Snowy Saturday, New Beginnings

The weather here in Munich has been turbulent to say the least… there have been extreme weather warnings in place for all of Germany for the last days: in fact the high-pressure has been so great that from my office window I could see THREE ranges of the Alps. Normally on a clear day in summer I am lucky to see the first range. The snowfall altitude has come down to 500 meters over sea-level so we should be expecting to get dumped on, but it is just teasing us. When I took Lucy out this morning for our morning walk we were in snow squalls. So we ducked into a local cafe for breakfast. A rare treat which we only do once a month (on a good month) but we were still feeling victorious and ready to celebrate our first full year of no-tumor-treatment!

Bavarian Bee-Sting Cake

One of the things I really enjoy about living in the city-center is the availability of nice restaurants and cafes and bakeries. In this case we stopped in a little cafe which bakes cakes and pastries steeped in Bavarian tradition, but not one of the touristy “traditional cafes.” For 8 euros I can get a ham and eggs breakfast with a cappuccino, and every now and again treat myself to such yumminess. This time I went a bit further and had a slice of cake for my “breakfast dessert.” Alot on my schedule for today: cleaning the apartment as a precursor to getting on with my programming projects (it’s easier to concentrate in a clean studio!) and then making a big push on the final piece of my big music software puzzle– which has been put off for far too long.

When we got out of the cafe the sun was shining! (calm before the storm?!) And we were not the only dog people in the park utilizing the break from precipitation: so I unleashed Lucy and had a brief talk with the other dog owners, trading stories and hearing the local dog-park gossip. But their dogs were all boy dogs and Lucy didn’t appreciate them at all: she only wanted to play with ME and found them to be a barking, rude distraction. So we headed home and started with the projects of the day!

looking straight ahead: you can see how deep the gliomes have reached.

Between cleaning and programming I did have a chance to load my images into Osirix and have a browse around. It is always astonishing to me at how far (as in DEEP) the arms of my Glioma have reached into my head. I am so very lucky to even be alive. And especially lucky to be as healthy, cognizant, intelligent, and creative as I (still) am. Trying to make the most of it while I still can.

I love you all, thanks for reading,


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