Three Tesla

The area between the holes (on the right side of my skull) is the 'window' they removed

Lately I have been drowsy. Really drowsy. Like when I get home from work and take my evening Keppra dose I fall immediately asleep for about two hours. It is almost uncontrollable. So it was no surprise that I fell asleep quite early in advance of my Radiology appointment today. Though I did wake late. And Lucy did not want to cooperate: so her morning walk would have to wait until I got back from the MRT (she gladly went back to bed– actually she never got out of bed). The upshoot was that I was at the Radiologist about 30 minutes early which turned out to be a good thing: they actually really appreciate that. I was also pleased to find out that my GP had managed to FAX my blood test results ahead of me (for once) without me having to chase him down– YAY! Then again sign all the disclaimers and fill out the questionnaire, though I was uncertain about my weight, so I put “90 kg.” In retrospect I realize that this was wrong: I must have lost weight. They calculate the dosage of the Contrast Dye based on your weight and so they must have given me a heftier dose than I am used to because I really did react to it strongly–> not as strongly as my very first time (there’s never anything like the first time with any drug, right?!) But as soon as I left the office and got on the subway I fell asleep on the train and almost missed my stop. When I got home I collapsed onto the bed and fell into a deep sleep for about an hour before Lucy reminded me that she still hadn’t been out for a walk and we were still expected at the office… so off we went.

But the MRT experience was quite good: there was a different technician there than I was used to and she was very no-nonsense and efficient. After the imaging the Radiologist gave me the CD-Rom and hardcopy, telling me that to her eyes the tumor is on the retreat. So– good news!

The rest of the day was without incident aside from massive amounts of sleeping after a (rather dizzying) day at work. Tomorrow: outpatient visit to the Neurosurgery Clinic to meet with my Neurooncologist.

thanks for checking in!