Happy New Year

New Hat, New Scarf, New Gloves (THANKS for all the great Christmas presents!!!)

It’s a rainy and cold January in Munich. Totally shitty weather to be quite honest. I’m back at work now since Monday and glad to be back to a routine: too much holiday can also drag on a bit… though I can’t complain: have had the nicest family Christmas holidays since years. Thanks to all of you for your wishes, cards, presents, messages, and mails: happy new year to everyone– a wonderful 2012 it is going to be!

I got a hoody for Christmas: the traditional Philly gangsta

Lucy and I spent the Christmas holiday in Zürich (we were there for about 12 days, and it was wonderful!) The weather wasn’t all that great, but cold. And rainy. But that didn’t matter: we had a mountain of gifts, a huge organic turkey, wonderful friends, family, and loved ones, and plenty of time to enjoy it all. What a huge and welcome change from last year.

but real gangstas look like this! (Kenti Breaking Bad)

My health has been quite good: I’ve been kindof celebrating the great news of last month– better said, I’ve been not worrying about anything lately. For the first week of Christmas vacation I rented a car: a brand new (only had 2 miles on it!) BMW 118d. What a fun little ride for the autobahn! It slid right down through Bavaria like it was built to do so (as it probably was…) It had literally only been driven from the factory to the car rental agency. 6 gear manual transmission diesl: I spent only 50 euros in fuel to get to Zürich and back again– amazing! and a fun treat: my Christmas present to myself… was wonderful to be back behind the wheel. I miss driving, but I don’t miss owning a car. So renting a couple of times a year is the best solution for me. What fun.

Thinking back on good times

Of course for me Christmas time is a time to introspect and look back… my Grand Mal happened at Christmas time, so it’s natural to take inventory of your life, I guess. Have been thinking about (and praying for) my Grandmother(s) a lot: these two old photos from my refrigerator…

As the mother does, so the son shall be...

I remember so many Christmas’s… Santa Claus bringing me a sled (thanks Uncle Bill!), my first Big-Wheel, a battery powered mini-car, dozens and dozens of heavy metal cassettes in the 80’s (!!), It was soooo great: I would give my grandma a list of cassettes that I wanted and she would always get them for me, no matter what they were (and in my pre-teens they were ALWAYS heavy metal). I liked to imagine my grandma going into the music store and asking for help finding IRON MAIDEN or Judas Priest or Mötley Crüe… what a great grandmother!! Then once I turned 16 I got a triple-A membership card every year: always anti-climactic to open but SAVED MY ASS more times than I can count!!!– good one, dad!! One year I got a backpackers tent (also saved my ass on numerous occasions…) and I remember one year my grandmother was so excited about all the great stuff she brought for us that days before Christmas she began pointing out the gifts and telling what was inside… how fun! I got a pair of skiis one year (really nice ones, too!). And I’ll never forget that one snowy Christmas morning when I awoke and saw three-wheeler tracks outside my window! YES!! My dad bought me a Three-Wheeler!!! It was a 50cc Honda if I remember correctly: man did I have fun on that guy over the years: I literally drove it into the ground. I’ve had so many amazing Christmas’s. Because I have such an amazing family! I love you guys: thank you all so much!!

Thanks for reading,
best wishes from Bavaria,


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