Neurologist says to REDUCE KEPPRA!

It’s been horrible weather here, as you may have gathered. Yesterday (Monday) was such a busy shitty weather day it made me sick (quite literally). I woke up with a sore throat this morning and am feeling really crappy: downing vitamins and eccinacea as fast as reasonable… But a big part of the total hussle yesterday was getting to my family practitioner in order to get my transfer slip (insurance BS) for my neurology appointment today (which I had after work).

Naturally, after examining my MRI images and the letters from the other specialists my doctor was quite chipper: he admits that most of his patients don’t have such good news… My agenda was to get from him a referral (and transfer slip–more insurance bureaucracy!) for a dermatologist. When I complained about my acne and dermetitus at GroƟhadern 2 weeks ago the neurooncologist said that I need to consult a dermatologist: so that was my priority number one today. The neurologist looked up the side-effects of keppra (like every time) and said that at high dosages (which mine is) eczyma is not uncommon, and agreed that I should see a dermal specialist, gave me a number and a transfer slip and then we discussed reducing my keppra: which——— for the first time ever: HE WAS FOR! But he only wants to go down 500 mg to 2500 mg. So I will take 1000 mg in the morning and 1500 mg in the evening until I see him again (in 4 months). So that’s WONDERFUL NEWS!!!

And finally I’m going to add a few pictures here: these are all from the first Advent (Thanksgiving weekend) when the Christmas markets just get started… We did much of our Christmas shopping at this Christmas market in a mediaeval village in Switzerland (where we also attended a candle-dipping event hosted by the local scout-troop). Was a wonderful outing (and now you get to see where your presents came from ).

The main street of the village was all decked out: the whole street lined with little stands with foods or crafts.

some beautiful hand-made lacey things

my swiss clan: all three girls in a row

Although I’ve already gotten a lot behind me, this week is only just getting warmed up… tomorrow after a very busy day at work I have my first yoga class. There’s a yoga institute around the corner from my apartment and I called them up on Monday. To my surprise an american answered the phone and talked to me a great length about their offerings, especially in terms of their having a special course for people on chemo therapy (though he said it’s all women with breast cancer). But he recommended that I start at the beginning and judge for myself which classes best suit my strength and needs. So I am looking forward to that.

Also Lucy turns 6 years old this week (yippee!!!) and she’s also been having some health issues: her anal glands have been much too productive lately and I need to have the vet express them for her. It’s really disgusting when they leak: what a horrible stank! But from what I’ve read that seems to be the lesser of two evils: dogs with compressed or blocked anal glands– would seem to be more problematic. Nonetheless, little Lucy girl needs a visit to the doctor as well, so I’ll try to schedule that for Thursday or Friday (the sooner the better!!!).

That’s all the news that’s fit to be disseminated. Thanks for reading and best wishes from Munich!


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