Donut Day 2012

Well, it’s FAT TUESDAY again… So doughnuts it was!

but today I am writing to tell you about my full-body-dermatological-magnifying-glass-investigation. I passed! No Melanoma found on my body (and he looked HARD). Actually I had been to the Dermatologist to see about my acne, and this was my first follow-up visit. The topical anti-biotic which he had prescribed to me has been meeting with some success (he estimates about 20% at this point). But it is a medium-to-long-term treatment and he thinks that it will be rather successful. In addition he has giving me a rejuvination cream against the Rosacea outbreak on my right cheek: he says that the red spotting is because the blood vessels (capellaries) are damaged and that with time, if the acne isn’t continually stressing them, they will heal and the redness will go away. Here is a picture of me today:

me today

But the pharmacy was closed today because of Fasching (Karneval), so I’ll start with the rejuvenation cream tomorrow night…


Additionally, the Dermatologist confirmed that the Acne is *not* a side-effect of the Keppra. Perhaps the Keppra is ‘encouraging’ the Acne (he says), but the fact remains that were I not on Keppra I would still have the Acne (Dermatologist’s opinion).

Otherwise, things over here are going really great!

So… if you don’t find many postings here on my blog it’s because I am so very busy and everything in my life is going so great: nothing to worry about!

Thanks for reading,


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