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Reduce Keppra, Increase EEG

The frequency of my blog posts has diminished greatly in the past year…
but I have been very very busy with living my life and healing my body.
HAPPILY SO, I must add!
I am very pleased with my new Neurologist and have taken his advice
on reducing my Keppra intake. My first goal is to get down to only
1000 mg per day (500-0-500). All of 2012 I was on 2000 mg per day
(1000-0-1000), so this will be reducing to 50% of 2012 values.
I started the reductions mid January when I went down to (500-0-1000).
And then last week I had an EEG control to make sure there’s no side-
effects in my brainwave activity. I ‘passed’ that test and the Doc
said that I could now go down to (500-0-750). After about 4 weeks of this
regimen I will have both my regular MRT plus another EEG control reading.
If all goes well with that appointment I will reduce down to (500-0-500).
Also at that point it will also be time for my next visit to Grosshadern!

So in about 4 weeks I should have new pictures to post and new infos
(hopefully the new info will be “no change”)!!

That’s all the health news from the German / Swiss border!