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(you are here) Yes, redundant entry… but what the hell: I’m proud to be a survivor! — |K<
Bavaria, Germany

The Liz Army “If you like reading about a cool chick who has brain cancer, this is your blog.” California, USA a survivor’s story
Jerry’s site is an amazing resource. He also has the coolest MRI images!
Texas, USA

If you are a Glioma survivor and would like to be listed here, please leave me a COMMENT (using the ‘submit comment’ button below) with the address of your blog. I am always happy to meet fellow survivors.

Best wishes from Bavaria,

  1. Hi Kent,
    I found your site through Liz from
    My name is Sabine and I am from Germany. Are you American? If so, what are the odds that you live in Germany and got a brain tumor – and I am German, living in the US and got a brain tumor 😉
    I am about to start radiation and chemotherapy on Monday. as in next Monday.
    Wanted to share my blog – haven’t figured out yet how I’ll be organizing it with a new page maybe about my brain cancer story.. also, I struggle with the 2 languages (seems like my brain prefers English since I had my first grand mal seizure…)
    Anyway, just wanted to say hi. Should we print t-shirts saying “I went to Germany/USA and all I got was this lousy brain tumor?!” I know another American who would join – he went to Japan and got one…

    Ok, that’s it for now.
    Meld dich mal,
    liebe Gruesse,

  2. Hey Kent,

    I sent you an email and it bounced back.

    I hope you are well!


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